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Over 30% of the UK housing stock has been built with solid walls – classed as ‘hard-to-treat’ because they cannot be thermally improved with the use of cavity wall insulation.

Unlike unfilled cavity wall homes which lose approximately 35% of heat through their walls, solid wall homes will lose as much as 45% heat through untreated walls. Any measures to make heating systems more efficient are made less effective as heat escapes through the external walls. Solid wall properties generally fall into two main types – traditional construction, built with nine inch solid brickwork or non-traditional housing, constructed of systems using mainly precast concrete panels. Weber External Wall Insulation is suitable for both traditional and non-traditional housing and can significantly lower heating bills and carbon emissions as well as revitalising the appearance of your home.

There are approximately two million properties in the UK which were built using non-traditional building methods, most of which were constructed between 1939 and the 1970’s and were built for speed and economy of construction and not for thermal efficiency.

The main building methods employed were either in-situ or precast concrete, metal or timber frame. Although most remain structurally sound, they are extremely poor at retaining warmth, resulting in problems with damp and condensation as well as high heating costs and carbon emissions.

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