Weber is a leading supplier of External Wall Insulation systems in the UK and throughout Europe.

The comprehensive range of webertherm systems includes insulation types and render finishes to suit both thermal performance and budget requirements – installed through a network of specialist installation companies.

webertherm EWI is a layered system starting with insulation fixed to the outside of the walls, a layer of render is applied and a mesh cloth is laid into this to reinforce the structure, a rendered decorative finish is then applied to weatherproof the exterior. A wide range of finishes can be applied, in different colours and textures, to give your property the right look.

Weber has the widest available range of texture and colour finishes for your home. Weber uses mineral renders which are highly durable and suitable for the toughest of weather conditions. Natural stone, pastels, vibrant acrylic colours and dry dash aggregate tones are all available with webertherm systems.

Brick appearance? No problem! If you are looking to retain a brick appearance, Weber systems include the innovative use of two render coats to create an authentic brick and mortar finish or genuine brick slips can be used to encapsulate the insulation.

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