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Weber provided materials for the first UK EWI system installation in Greenock in Scotland in 1974, and is the only system manufacturer in the UK offering over 40 years of experience.

Weber External Wall Insulation systems have been awarded certification by the British Board of Agrément, the Irish Agrément board and are Energy Saving Trust listed for their proven ability to reduce domestic energy costs.

Weber manufactures all renders in the UK used in its External Wall Insulation systems, thereby reducing transportation costs and carbon footprint when compared to systems using imported renders.

Weber maintains a network of recommend installers who attend extensive training programmes and the quality of their work is checked on a regular basis.

Weber has the widest available range of texture and colour finishes for your home. Weber uses mineral renders which are highly durable and suitable for the toughest of weather conditions. Natural stone, pastels, vibrant acrylic colours and dry dash aggregate tones are all available with webertherm systems.

Weber External Wall Insulation systems carry full 10-year system guarantees.

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